Membership of the SU

All students at Bath Spa University are automatically members of Bath Spa University Students’ Union.

Membership of the union is free and entitles you to use Union facilities, activities, representation by the union and also to take part in the Union’s democratic process.

Students are entitled to opt-out of membership with the union. Further information for the right to opt-out can be found in the Code of Practice.

If you opt-out of your membership, you may still use the services, facilities and participate in activities, but you may no longer participate in the Union’s democratic processes.

Associate Membership

Even if you are not a registered student, you may still be entitled to an Associate Membership of the Students’ Union.

This is available to:

  • University Alumni
  • Partners or dependents of registered students
  • Students studying at other institutions

The annual fee to be an associate member is £25. This is because we are a charity, and our grant funding and income can only be used for the benefit of student members.

Associate membership entitles you to:

  • Join and train with the Union’s clubs and societies (additional joining and activity fees may apply)
  • Use the Union’s facilities, including the Shop, Café and Bar
  • Join the Union’s Gym (CLOSED DURING ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/21)
  • Purchase tickets to events where there are no entry restrictions
  • Attend trips organised by the SU

Associate members may not take part in the following:

  • Voting in elections
  • Hold office in the Union, its clubs or societies
  • Make use of the Unions’ welfare and representation services
  • Compete in BUCS competitions
  • Access evening events with restricted entry (such as Welcome Week Events)

Please note that associate members taking part in activities with clubs or societies or on trips or tours are not covered by the Union's insurance policies and should make their own arrangements.

Before you can buy your Associate Membership, you must first apply for a login:

Once you have applied, you need to buy a membership:

Already an Associate Member?

The Union expects that all members of the Union, as well as any guests they may have, should be able to equally enjoy the facilities and activities the Union offers.

The following house rules apply to everyone visiting the Union or attending its events:

  • We will not tolerate any violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, abusive or offensive behaviour or language
  • We will not tolerate any forms of discrimination or intolerance, on any grounds, directed at any member, guest or staff of the Student Union
  • Anyone found vandalising or misusing the premises will be ejected from the building and be charged for any damage caused
  • We will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs on the premises. Anyone found in possession or using illegal substances will be ejected and may be handed over to the police
  • Any individual may be asked to leave the Union premises if they are considered to be excessively intoxicated and / or in danger of causing harm themselves or others.
  • Only alcohol purchased in the Union bar can be consumed on the premises. Persons attempting to consume alcohol not purchased in the bar may be asked to leave and alcohol confiscated.
  • If a member of Bath Spa Students’ Union brings a guest to the Union, that member is responsible for the actions of that guest and will face any disciplinary action that may occur from the guest violating the above guidelines.
  • The licensee(s) or delegates of the licensee(s), of the Union reserve the right to refuse admittance or eject any person at their discretion.
  • The licensee(s) and delegates of the licensee(s) retain total discretion over what behaviour is deemed as unacceptable. Any behaviour deemed unacceptable will result in ejection.
  • If an individual is ejected from the Union premises, they must give up their Student ID Card at the time of the alleged incident.
  • Members should be aware that failure to comply with the house rules may lead to further disciplinary action being taken.

Equality is at the heart of Bath Spa Students’ Union.

The Union is committed to ensuring that all students may take full advantage of the activities opportunities we offer and above all enjoy a positive experience during their time at University.

We expect all members of the Union to behave with due respect for their fellow members. We have zero tolerance of all forms of intimidating behaviour, harassment and bullying.

Our policies seek to ensure that members feel confident and supported in challenging discrimination or harassment of any kind.

We are a Union run by its members, for the good of all its members. Where the behaviour of a member or their guest falls below the expected standards, the accused member may be subject to a disciplinary action which could affect their rights as a member. Please see the Members Code of Conduct for further information.


Phone Number

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