Course Reps

Course Reps are your first point of contact when it comes to raising issues about your course, and are always happy to listen to any concerns or feedback. They are the most essential part of the Students’ Union Academic Rep system—without them, there would be no link between the student body and the University. 

The number of Course Reps varies from course to course, depending on the size. Their role is to act as students who volunteer to collect and represent the views of fellow course mates, communicate with staff, and channel feedback changes and developments to the students on their course.
They are also responsible for attending meetings:

  • Staff-Student Liaison Committees—meetings with academic staff to shape changes on your course
  • Course Rep Round Tables—meetings with their Senior Academic Rep to pass issues to higher committees and meet Course Reps from across their School

Because Course Reps are supported by the Students' Union, you can trust that any feedback you give will be used for the benefit of your Bath Spa University experience.

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Find your Course Rep for 2020/21

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Tai Dean

Creative Arts Practice
Year 1 - Sapphire Henriksen Isabel Randall

Year 2 - Zuzanna Suchorska, Matt Downing

Year 3 - Ella Levy, Mia Weetman, Alisha Stokes, Sarah Trebilcock

Fine Art
Year 1 - Sian Messenger, Mollie Pearce, George Milewicz, Nick Joyce

Year 2 - Scarlett Ward, Noah Gibson-Noir, Stephen Spicer

Year 3 - Catrin Jones, Jasmine Smail, Jennifer Jenkins

Postgrad - Sarah Jordan, George Thom

Year 1 - Maria Harris-Sutton, Ella Malvisi, Charlotte (Charli) Stammers

Year 2 - Phoebe Costard, Elizabeth Reaney, Alex Lee-Cerrino

Year 3 - Finlay Mills, Onna Borbely-Bartis

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Sam Foxton

Digital Animation
Year 2 - Emma George, Alexander Beam

Year 3 - Millie Ward

Fashion Design
Year 1 - Michael Malarkey, Emma Sayles, Anna Kalifatidou

Year 2 - Alice Atkins, Lewis Evans

Year 3 - Isobelle Denley, James Kneen

Graphic Communication
Year 1 - Seb Dray

Year 2 - Khuram Wani

Interior Design
Year 2 - Emily Clouter, Jamie Stubbs

Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors
Year 1 - Matilda Message Hannah Bowden

Year 2 - Charlotte Cuttell, Lottie Marsh

Year 3 - Zoe Weaver, Ayse Ozdemir

Visual Communication
Postgrad - Finlay Naylor, Wannapa Promgeen

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Lauren Stone

Business and Management
Year 1 - Grace Wilson, Eloise White, Trisha Barua, Natalie Mogg

Year 2 - Celyn Roberts, Marta Bednaruk

Year 3 - James Fee, Amy Brimacombe, Ella Brankin-Frisby

Business and Management (pathways) 
Year 1 - India Tabony, Jhonatan Almeida de Lima, Casey Di Savva, Kelly Bridges

Year 2 - Abigail Stewart, Mollie Cook, William Linley

Year 3 - Ioana Marin

Fashion Marketing and Management
Year 1 - Erin McCann

Year 2 - Emily Nichols, Georgia Price

Year 1 - Connor Restan, Kirsty Soper

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Dylan Tolley

Creative Computing
Year 1 - Ebby Tanimola

Creative Computing (Gaming) 
Year 1 - Jack Tillen

Year 3 - Joshua Ponte, Alex Wisdom

Creative Computing (Web Technologies)
Year 1 - Valentin Ghergus

Year 3 - Nathanael Mosaku

Creative Media

Year 2 - Elizaveta Stolairova

Creative Writing
Year 1 - Olivia Avery, Macy Hall, Jay Gibbon-Thrower

Year 2 - Molly Grist, Louise Woods, Lily Van Bergen

Year 3 - Jonathan Sanderson, Sophie Lucas, Elisha Westmore

Postgrad - Real Bakhit

Film and Screen Studies
Year 1 - Meredith Willis, Toby Horton, Joseph Warne

Year 2 - Joseph Michell, Jake Hodges, Juliette Peterson-Caffell

Year 3 - Aimee Cook

Film, TV and Digital
Year 1 - Iwan Morgan, Sophie Young, Matthew Cruz, Levi Pegler

Year 3 - Georgia Gallagher

Journalism and Publishing
Year 1 - Esther Molyneux

Year 2 - Poppy Evans

Year 3 - Gwen Jones

Media Communications
Year 1 - Keriese Meade, Nell Syndenham, Jessica-Rose Byford

Year 2 - Carlie Griffiths, Amber Wisteria, Lucy Dale

Year 3 - Imogen Core

Year 1 - Brooke Cross

Year 2 - May Mower, Louise Woods, Madison Cooper

Year 3 - Jasmine Martin, Emma Moseley, Emily Bufton

Travel and Nature Writing
Postgrad - Amanda Tuke, Kate Cotton, Megan Baxter, Louise Nettleton, Courtney Kerrigan-Bates

Postgrad (Part-time) - Olivia Collard

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Bethany Gee

Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
Postgrad - Samantha Crapnell, Annette Wilson

Early Childhood Studies
Year 1 - Shalome Grooteboer

Year 3 - Elizabeth Figg, Jesse Hollywood, Kitty Hawthorne

Education (Primary and Early Years)
Year 1 - Hugh Haines, Emma West, Lily Breese, Lucia Pattie, Chloe King

Year 2 - Chloe Phillips, Papina Evans

Year 3 - Robert Collard, Hannah Ringrose

Education Studies
Year 1 - Caleb Basson

Year 2 - Molly Barton, Chloe Mortimer, Niamh Small

Year 3 - Ciara Martin

International Development and Education
Year 1 - Leah Fairchild

Year 2 - Freya Farnham

Postgrad - Pugazhenthi Viswasam

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Bethany Lawson

Crime and Gothic
Postgrad - Hamish Ratley

English Literature
Year 1 - Victoria Bates, Isabelle Oliveira, Samantha Hughes, Molly Yallop

Year 2 - Kelly Jones, George Page, Caitlin Woolnough, Evangeline Rouse

Year 3 - Abby Shepherd, Ella Fernandez, Briana Pascoe

Year 1 - Jack Edson, Emily Pinggera

Year 2 - Colette Ahsam, Patrick Gibney

Year 3 - Charlotte Thomas, Maxwell Swannell

History and Politics 
Year 2 - Jakub Chwedziak

Philosophy and Ethics
Year 2 - Abigail Withey, Megan Kosciow

Year 3 - Rosie Shepherd, Estella Alvarez

Religions, Philosophy and Ethics
Year 1 - Megan Martin

Year 2 - Luca Young, Eve Lacey

Year 3 - Jenna Davies

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Gregory Johnson

Year 1 - Savannah Hall, Alvaro Oliveros, Phoebe Harris

Year 2 - Dilietna Graves, Morgan Marr, Gabrielle Edwards

Year 3 - Elizabeth Hayton, Christopher Wootton, Charlotte Berry, Francesca Taylor

Year 1 - George Marshall

Year 2 - Oliver Young

Year 3 - Max Devine

Commercial Music
Year 1 - Dylan Gosai

Year 2 - Ollie Sharp, Michael Williams

Year 3 - Lauren Walton

Creative Music Technology
Year 1 - Hamish Simpson, Joolz Thornton, Benjamin Moss, Casey Hall

Year 2 - Charlie Jefferson-Voysey, Thomas Morley

Year 3 - Issac Thomas, Jacob Booth


Year 1 - Louis Green, Caitlin Nicholls, Thea Housman

Year 2 - Ethan McKeegan, Steph Conder, Polly McKenzie-Howard

Year 3 - Beth Ackerley, Natalie Austin, Anna Malina

Year 1 - Keira Dormer-Hazell

Year 2 - Celyn Roberts, Alexander Wood

Year 3 - Kevin Bordonaro, Nolwandle Lembede

Year 2 - Abi Kent, Eleanor Merryman, Ellie Frank

Year 3 - Lauren Hollis, Sophie Gibson, Ashlyn Thomas

Theatre, Festival and Event Production
Year 1 - Chloe Lews, Tristan Thomas

Year 2 - Niamh Moxon, Susie Beare

Year 3 - Lewis Brown, Emma Smith

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Evie Pattison

Year 1 - Amber Kennard, Nicole Evans (Conservation)

Year 2 - Samuel Moore (Conservation)

Year 3 - Jemma Smith (Human), Amina Mohamed, Bethany Tresidder

Year 1 - Shannon Lappage, Charlotte Savine, Alice Samworth, Katie Shelton

Year 2 - Tierney Walker, Anya Murray, Jennifer Garrity, Olimpia Banea, Chloe Westhoff

Year 3 - Chloe Davies, Lilyanna Cogan, Samuel Downe, Tia Prelevic

Postgrad (Campus) - Briony Brown

Postgrad (Distance) - Heidi Nash, Clive Higgleton

Cyber Security
Postgrad - Iain Lee

Environmental Science
Year 2 - Kaitlynn Harrison, Robert Aitchison

Year 3 - Kazuki Tomita

Environmental Management
Postgrad - Katherine Doyle

Food with Nutrition
Year 2 - Harriet Sadler, Sophie Ellin

Year 3 - Chloe Cole, Amber Smith

Forensic Psychology
Year 1 - Leah Goodman, Katy Bond, Elie-Mai Platt

Year 2 - Courtney Laughton, Noah McCarthy

Year 1 - Bethany Hunt

Year 2 - Ashleigh Harwood

Year 3 - Morgan Evans

Global Development and Sustainability
Year 3 - Hannah Watson

Human Nutrition
Year 2 - Imogen Stock, Olivia Etherington

Year 2 - Abby Taylor, Savannah Snow

Year 3 - Isabella Mcleod-Joel, Marija Milosavljevic

Year 1 - Adam Brown, Sophie Grange, Leon Prince, Emerald Rymer, Aleisha Chalet, Georgia Spicer-Manning, Dawid Sowa, Alice Styles, J'Shawn Cook

Year 2 - Rebecca Jordan, Jordan Bereton, Emily Chappell, Bethany Gee, Amy Doughty, Lauren Kiely, Abigail Withey, Georgina Gaoiran, Charlotte Walker, Molly Slater, Megan Kosciow

Year 3 - Katherine Mann, Rebecca Evans, Odette Zaharia, Sian Bassett, William Oliveira, Jessica Kvedyte, Nicole Paget, Alina Krost, Louise Cowley

Psychology in Practice
Postgrad - Poppy Colbourne

Year 1 - Anna Kertesz, Lou Dubois, Georgia Hughes, Nadia Ramdeo

Year 2 - Jessica Smith, Millie Lockyer

Year 3 - Olivia Shalaby, Maisie Pinnington

Sociology with Politics
Year 1 - Marshae Daley

Interested in becoming a Course Rep?

Email [email protected] to find out more or find the job description below.

Introduction to the Course Rep role

A Course Rep is a student volunteer who represents students on a particular course. Course Reps sign up through the Students’ Union website and elections are held if a particular role is over-subscribed. There are course reps for each academic year. They are responsible for collecting student feedback and acting on it appropriately, either by contacting the relevant member of academic staff, reporting the feedback at SU round tables or university Student-Staff Liaison Committees, or by contacting the SU.

Location: Your home campus (with possible training and events elsewhere)

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week, term time only

How long will I be a Rep for? The role lasts for one academic year, though you may decide to sign up again next year

What Being a Course Rep Means for You

Role Responsibilities:

  • To introduce yourselves to the students on your course
  • To introduce yourself to your course leader
  • Be the voice for students studying on your course
  • To collect feedback on a range of academic issues (these areas will be discussed during training):
    • Curriculum
    • Learning and Teaching process
    • Learning resources
    • Assessment and Feedback
    • Student progression and achievement
    • Guidance and support
    • Quality enhancement and assurance
    • University experience
  • To liaise with your Course Leader and lecturers on a regular basis
  • To attend Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs) with teaching staff and School Roundtables with your Senior Academic Rep and Students’ Union staff.
  • To take an active role in projects that seek to improve the student experience
  • Raise issues with Senior Academic Reps, VP Education or Students’ Union Staff that you feel should be raised at a higher level

Training and Opportunities:

  • All Course Reps are expected to complete the introductory training and GDPR training which will be available either in person or online.
  • The Students’ Union will be running additional training sessions throughout the year. These are optional but will provide you opportunities to develop your skills and enhance your CV.
  • The Students’ Union will also run course rep socials and get-togethers in the year.

Course Reps Support:

  • Access to further resources such as the Course Rep Handbook and role descriptions
  • Course Reps can talk to their Senior Academic Rep for any issues they believe need to be escalated in their School or Field
  • Course Reps can contact Ceri, the VP Education, for assistance and guidance on academic issues
  • Course Reps can also contact the Student Voice Co-ordinator for any general queries or assistance relating to their roles


  • Gain lots of transferrable skills – the more you engage with the role, the more opportunities and the more skills you develop. These skills can be presented to future employers through CVs, personal statements and interviews
  • You can use your hours as a Course Rep towards the Bath Spa Award.
  • Networking with a variety of people from different areas of expertise
  • Most importantly, improve your course!

For more details about the role, contact [email protected]

VP Education

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