Set up a Club or Society

Setting up your own club or society 

Clubs and societies are entirely student-run, and they aim to reflect the interests and activities of a variety of students. We actively encourage the formation of new clubs and societies. 

Once you submit your idea we will then discuss with you: 

  • How much your membership will be for the year (minimum of £3 except for Campaign and Network societies).
  • How to get set up on our website.
  • How to fill out a constitution (this is the aims of your club/society).
  • Your risk assessment—so that you and your members are safe.
  • How to advertise and attract members.

We will also support your new club/society through: 

  • Advertising online via the Students’ Union website and newsletter.
  • Offering personal development and training to all committee members.
  • Being available for any queries you may have.

Interested in setting up a club or society?

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