Membership Update for 2020-21 image

It is clear that the way in which clubs and societies will work this year is going to be very different from previous years, and so we have made the decision to change the way clubs and society memberships will work to reflect this. We hope that by doing so students are encouraged to try as many clubs and societies as they like to form those all-important links during their first term at Bath Spa, all without having to spend loads of money! 

How it will work: 

Students will pay a flat fee and then be able to join as many clubs or societies as they like for Semester One. Once you have paid your fee, you will then need to go to the individual club or society pages you wish to join, and select the free membership. 

You can purchase club or society membership using the below links:

£20 for Clubs

£3 for Societies*

*Societies may charge an additional cost to members for certain activities. (Campaigning and networking societies will remain free)

For Semester Two, we will reassess and if the situation permits more in-person activity then we will look at implementing a top-up membership fee.

View all our clubs and societies here.